Discover the 6 steps to maximise your performance by optimising your wellbeing.

I’m Nonie, a founder turned ICF ACC Coach. Combining coaching with Positive Psychology, I support ambitious female entrepreneurs to step into their next level of achievement with crystal-clear clarity, rock-solid confidence, high performance & flourishing wellbeing. 

What I do

I combine coaching and the evidence-based science of flourishing, Positive Psychology, to support female founders to get clear on who they are, what their next level of achievement looks like, why and how they can do it with maximum energy, impact and wellbeing.

If you’re an ambitious, inspiring, purpose-driven female entrepreneur who is also …

Feeling exhausted, lost, disconnected from themselves, neglecting themselves and their relationships with loved ones…

I’ve got you.

We follow my signature 6-step, 1:1 coaching programme, over four months, to take you from overwhelmed and overworked, to energised, crystal clear and confident about your next steps to further success.

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Hi, I’m Nonie.

An ICF-accredited ACC Coach, expert in Social Entrepreneurship and Positive Psychology and your biggest supporter.

My passion is to use the power of coaching and positive psychology to help more women make the world a better place and feel great in the process.

I’ve learned that there’s no cookie-cutter way to reach success in life, it’s about finding the right way for YOU.

Getting to know yourself and becoming more authentic is the key to realizing your full potential. It’s also the bedrock on which a thriving life and business are built.

Happiness and wellbeing are the precursor to success – not the other way round.

if you are feeling...

...overwhelmed, stressed & exhausted

let’s move from pressure and burnout towards clarity, wellbeing and ease. 

...chaotic, anxious and out of control

let’s swap perfectionism, procrastination and people-pleasing for calm and confidence to create the work and life you want.

...full of self-doubt and like an imposter

let’s help you feel empowered and unstoppable as CEO of your life and work.

Are you fed up with feeling stuck and ready to make some changes?

Are you ready to entertain new ideas and ways of looking at things?

Are you willing to do the work and be held accountable for what you desire?

Coaching can support you to reach your potential and create the flourishing life and fulfilling work that you deserve.

Walking beside you

Life is a journey of becoming our best self. At each stage, there are always new challenges to face and overcome, especially when you’re an entrepreneur.

Often, what got you to where you are now, isn’t going to be what helps you get to where you want to go.

I walk beside you as you find your own empowered path to your next level of achievement.

It requires sustained bravery and resilience to go for what you want as a female entrepreneur – as well as work on what might have been holding you back.

Together we work towards Authentic Leadership  – building wellbeing, courage, resilience and the confidence that comes from taking the right steps forward for you.


My transformational programme

By the end of our time together you’ll:

* Get clear about what it is you really want to achieve with your leadership, to cut through the noise around you and in your head.

* Get clear on your purpose, priority and the pathway to your next level of success.

* Understand what helps and what hinders you, as well as have a plan to navigate these challenges with focus, clarity and calm.

* Investment in four month 1:1 programme: £1530.

My Credentials

I have a holistic ‘whole being’ coaching approach, drawing on evidence-based coaching approaches from Positive Psychology, neuroscience, somatics and transactional analysis. 

  • ICF-accredited ACC Life Coach
  • MA (distinction) Social Entrepreneurship, University of London
  • L5 Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach with the Guild of Positive Psychology.
  • MA (Cantab) English Literature, University of Cambridge
  • Entrepreneur (Founder of AMotherBrand, a platform to support mothers to build and grow businesses around their families and thrive) and former freelance Documentary Producer/Director for over a decade

Download your free Happiness + Success Planner.

The 6-step science-based formula to plan your week for optimised wellbeing and maximum impact.

Make small changes to feel massive results.

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Download your free Happiness + Success Planner and Guide.