Discover the 6 evidence-based steps to maximise your performance by optimising your wellbeing.

Your drive to succeed makes you incredible.

And it can also make you neglect your health & wellbeing.

Yet, you know that caring for your wellbeing is the key to resilience and sustainability as a founder.

Founding a business is a marathon, not a sprint (that ends in burn out)

… and that’s why I created the Success + Happiness planner.

Every week, use the science of flourishing, positive psychology, to guide you to put the things that are going to support your wellbeing – and your performance – in FIRST, before you add the rest of your work.

Use this quick and easy strategy to make sure you’ve got everything in your week that you need to flourish as a founder.

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Swap potential burnout for greater energy, wellbeing and impact.

  • Learn the 6 evidence-based steps which will make the difference to your wellbeing (it’s probably not what you think!)

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