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Here’s what we know about life. 
We all get sad, and worried and angry sometimes. 
And once you start on the downwards trajectory, EVERYTHING makes you feel more sad / worried or angry. Negative emotions stick to us like velcro. 
Some of us with be genetically predisposed to experience more negative emotions more frequently than others. 
Some will be going through tough times. 
And yet, we all have some degree of influence over our mood – how we think and feel and what that leads us to do.
Unless we're clinically unwell, we can help ourselves. 
We can mindfully put the brakes on the downwards spiral of negative emotions and kick off a new, positive trajectory…. By finding and enjoying positive emotions. 
It might seem difficult, when everything seems rubbish, but it doesn’t have to be any sort of spectacular joy, it could be very ordinary. 
When you find and savour a positive emotion, it not only makes you feel better, but it kicks off a positive upwards spiral.
✨What we know from research in positive psychology is that positive emotions open your mind, broadening your perspective, to help you function better cognitively, so you think more creatively and flexibly. ✨ 
➡️ You are more open to new ideas and see more opportunities. 
➡️ You find more things to feel positive about. 
✨Enjoying positive emotions not only feels good, but it’s the foundation to wellbeing and high performance.✨
👉 So today – could you mindfully hunt out some positive emotions to savour?
Find something that inspires you, or makes you feel awe, joy, hope, love, amusement, serenity, pride or gratitude.
Once you’ve found it – luxuriate in the feeling. Really let it land. Elongate it and feel into all the positive emotions you can experience. You could even share it with a friend and see how the positivity grows. 
Stretching out the good vibes will give a greater positivity boost, like squeezing out the juice of an orange. 
A client sent me this poem last week on the theme of learning to savour positive emotions, enjoy 🍊❤ 
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I was in a group supervision today and another coach shared some heavy feelings about their work right now.
They felt this was a year of expansion for them and they were excited and optimistic 🚀
… but at the same time, they felt scared. 😳
👉 Fear loomed large, blocking their view of where they wanted to go. 
👉 Tightness in their chest.
👉 Heavy dread in their stomach. 
They didn’t know what to do with it. 
Thing is, it also felt familar.
Like they’d been here before. 
Every time they reached a point in their life where they were called to step into their next level of growth or achievement, they got scared. 
It felt deeply uncomfortable – in their head, heart and body. 
They wanted to run away from it … 
✨We all feel like this at times and often it takes a while to work out what’s going on.✨
Some people use perfectionism to stop them finally doing the thing.
(Hello my old friend 👋) 
Others use procrastination. 
🚨 Anything to stop us finally having to do the thing that scares us. 🚨 
Because when you dig deep, we’re all scared of failing:
👉 What if it’s not good enough?
👉 What if we’re not good enough? 
Deep down, we all know that if we want to get to our goal, the only way forward is *through*. 
🟢 I encourage my clients to get curious about what’s going on for them. 
"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change." Carl Rogers 
🟢 When you stop running away from growth, you can start to run towards it.
🟢 To build on what works well for you already,
🟢 To build courage,
🟢 Then competence and
🟢 Finally confidence. 
Suddenly that stretch no longer feels uncomfortable (and then it’s time to grow again 🤩)
I shared this favourite quote of mine in the supervision (soz – I am like a walking humanistic psychology quote today). 
Abraham Maslow argued that in order to grow into our potential, or ‘self-actualise’ as he called it, we must take the growth choice time and time again. 
👉 How much do you resonate with that feeling of wanting to run away, when it is time to step up a level? 😬
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The yoga was a total joke 😳
Back in my first career in TV, I worked at a well-respected independent documentary company. The boss was lovely and she wanted us all to be happy. She provided free weekly yoga lessons for us.
But ... we never got to go.
The atmosphere was such that NO ONE took a lunch break.
Obviously, you had way too much work to do and far too much stress and pressure, to enable you to take a lunch break off to attend the free yoga. You got a salad from the shop next door and carried on working.
So in the end, only her PA went ... and eventually, free yoga classes were quietly stopped.
That’s the thing, your boss can want you to have good wellbeing, but they have to create a working environment that supports those intentions.
👉 Research from Oxford University came out last week that argued that most well-intentioned wellbeing initiatives don't work. 👈
They examined the impact of numerous workplace wellbeing interventions and discovered that almost none of them had any statistically significant impact on worker wellbeing or job satisfaction. Some even made employees feel worse.
It’s not that improving your wellbeing doesn’t improve wellbeing and job / life satisfaction - and therefore performance and productivity.
It does.
The fact that that the world spent $61.2bn in 2021 on wellness interventions and this is projected to grow to $94.6bn in 2026, shows that the evidence is compelling.
👉 The problem lies with bosses.
Working practices discourage employee wellness, leading to massive stress instead, which drives ill health.
Ok so what’s this all got to do with you?
✨As Founder and CEO, you’re your own boss and your own first employee.✨
You also set the tone and environment for your team, through your expectations and modelling how you want them to be and feel at work.
So here’s the big question:
✨Are you being the boss you need to be for your best self to flourish?✨
👉 Are you creating a working environment and culture in which you - and your team - can have good wellbeing, in order to do your best work?
👉 What are you doing to support your wellbeing this week?
#wellbeingbeforebusiness #highperformancehabits #foundercoach
Very grateful for this wonderful testimonial from inspiring female founder and my client Julie Thompson Dredge.
✨'Working with Nonie last year was one of the best things I did personally and professionally. 
We worked together on setting boundaries, working on authenticity (which I was initally sceptical about), and how to improve processes to have better relationships and be happier and calmer at work and home. 
Nonie is intelligent, positive and highly empathetic and is a treasure trove of fascinating facts and science around psychology. 
It's been a brilliant, fun and enlightening journey so far, and I now know exactly where I am headed, so thank you!'✨
Julie is the Founder of PR Agency Frame PR, which helps ambitious and rapidly scaling companies with their PR and social media. If you're looking for support in either area, speak to Julie, she's enormously creative, talented, kind and hard-working. 
We finished working through my 90-day signature coaching programme last week and listening to everything she's learned along the way was a truly joyous way to start 2024. ❤️
Interesting in getting some bespoke support to help you get to where you want to go in 2024, with maximum performance, wellbeing and resilience? DM me and let's talk about how I might be able to help you. 
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Those holidays were great, but long - the kids are back at school and I’m back 💥 
It feels like a good time for a re-introduction. 
I’m Nonie. 
Mother of two, lover of good coffee, and good music played loudly. 
If I had to pick a golden thread that has woven through my life, I'd say I’ve always thought the point of life - and work - was to try to make the world a better place. 
✨ Nowadays, my work is supporting female founders to grow and scale sustainable businesses that do just that, with confidence, energy and optimum performance (crucially without burnout). ✨ 
Plus, I have always been drawn to human stories. 
My 1st degree was English Literature.
My 1st career was making documentary films.
I spend a lot of my free time watching movies with my husband, who works in film (side point - go see Poor Things – it’s wonderful.) 
My 2nd degree was in social entrepreneurship, because I wanted my story to have more autonomy and personal positive impact in it. 
After I founded 2 businesses (with some success and lots of lessons learned), my 3rd and 4th professional studies were in Coaching and Positive Psychology. 
Now I use ICF ACC Coaching combined with the evidence-base of the science of flourishing (Positive Psychology) to help female founders create the next chapter in their inspiring stories. 
They may come to me feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and burning out, but I help them turn the metaphorical pages to a part of their story where they get to change the world, whilst feeling *confident, calm and in control.*
✨I use pure coaching + evidence-based theory and tools to help them flourish in their life and work, which leads to optimum wellbeing, performance and productivity. ✨ 
That’s the thing, we all have the power to change our story. 
To change how we think, how we feel and what we do. 
✨Let's make the next super inspiring story yours.✨
Want to move into your next level of growth, with rock solid confidence, crystal clarity and strong resilience?
DM me and let's talk about how my 90-days 1:1 signature coaching programme, Authentic Self-Leadership, could work for you. 
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What was your word of the year? 
Mine was confidence. I wanted to build more of it.
Confidence comes from the latin - confidere - 'have full trust'. 
 ** What was my plan? 
 👉 Keep doing the things I wasn’t confident in. Build trust in myself.
Public speaking?
Running new courses?
Increased online presence? 
Here is my positive psychology inspired strategy for building confidence: 
1) Work on my wellbeing daily, to maximise the chance of being in an optimum state with an open and positive perspective. 
2) Show up authentically 
 (Using my signature strengths of honesty, love and love of learning; in clothes I felt like ‘me’ in; talking about subjects I am passionate about and practice personally; in situations that were in line with my values) 
3) Lean into the courage and self-advocacy that comes from 2) 
4) Build self-efficacy by building competence through practice. 
✨ look after myself, 
✨ lean into my authentic self and 
✨ keep practicing doing the thing. 
Guess what? It worked 🤩 
What was your word for this year and what helped you honour it?
 #femaleentrepreneurs #femalefounders #intentionalliving #buildconfidence #positivepsychology
My goodness December is full-on isn't it. 
Someone said to me this weekend that it's like a never-ending intense To Do list, punctuated with tiredness, illness and the need to remember to have fun along the way. Yup. 🤪
Amidst all of that, it's really hard to: 
A) ✨Stop and reflect on this year of our lives that's coming to a close. 
B) ✨Find the space to create intentions for the one about to arrive. 
If you can, it's a great idea to give yourself permission to stop, to fully appreciate everything you've learned, enjoyed and achieved, as well as the opportunity to learn from anything that didn't go so well. 
👉 The clarity you'll get from this exercise will help you set intentions for next year. 🤩
Maybe you're hoping to do this during Betwixtmas - my most favourite downtime when everyone downs tools and we get to BE. Or perhaps you've managed to create a little space before Christmas. 
I've managed to ringfence four hours this coming week to hang out with a wonderful new friend and soon-to-be Positive Psychology coaching collaborator. We're going to reflect on this year and think through our intentions for next year, personally and professionally, what we want for ourselves and what we might create together. I am looking forward to it immensely.
I spent a bit of time yesterday creating some prompts for this relfection and intention setting, which I'm very happy to share with you. 
DM me PROMPTS if you'd like me to share the link to the list of prompts.
It's a humble Google Doc because that way it's easy for you to copy and edit in document. 
It doesn't matter what you're doing in your life, they will provide useful information from which to continue growing. 
Because I wrote them, they have a big dose of Positive Psychology in the mix, plus big picture perspective reflections on yourself and your work. 
Whenever you get a chance, I recommend you make a hot drink, find a comfy spot and give yourself time to jot down your reflections, feelings and thoughts. 
Once you've given them a go, please let me know how you found them. 
I love hearing from you ❤️
#reflections #intentions #femaleentrepreneurs #femalefounders #highperformancecoaching

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